Time goes by…

A big thank you to everyone who came along to the Æon event on the 11th, and to all who helped and supported the evening. We were all superpleased with how it went, and with how many people came along and seemed to enjoy it. It was something of an experiment, and the outcome was more than we could have hoped for. Despite being conceived of quite separately, the five performances did seem to overlap and create a quite interesting landcape of (to quote a friend) “dischord yet connection”. I think we’re still digesting the experience, and sifting through documentation, but will have some photographs up here imminently, and hopefully soon some information about the next Æon event (once we’ve fully moulded our ideas into a plan!)

You are Invited…

The performances at Æon will take place for the duration of the evening. Some of the works may be static, some may be more sequential actions, others may be sporadic or repetitive interventions. They will be brought together through sound and through eo-existence in the shared space of the gallery, weaving visual and physical sculptures with actions transient and enduring. It will be something a bit like free jazz, but with paint, treacle and metal baths, rather than clarinets.

Spectators are welcome to come along at any time between 6pm and 10pm, to dip in and out, to watch one thing or watch many, and to stay with the work for as much as time as they like. Each experience of
Æon will unique.

Entrance is by suggested donation of £3, refreshments will be available.


An evening of durational live performance – Saturday 11th September 2010, 18.00-20.00

Æon is a collaboration between five Bristol-based artists and Tunnadine Fine Art at The Two Degrees Gallery, Montpelier, Bristol. Following the success of Spotlight, also at the Two Degrees Gallery, in April 2010, Liz Clarke, Paul Hurley, Phil Owen and High Renaissance are pleased to return, and be joined by artist Michael Jones in a collaboration with Gareth Llŷr.

Aeon Flyer